Summer Beauty Secrets

Summer Beauty Secrets

August 6, 2014  |  Beauty

Summer Survival

Tan legs, surfer-hair, and short shorts. That’s what summer is all about, right? Hey, who doesn’t want to look effortlessly beautiful during long & warm summer days? Looking good is definitely a priority, but don’t neglect your skin, your health or your mental well-being. The few months that we call summer, as exhilarating as they are, can get pretty hectic. Make time for yourself, slather on TONS of sunscreen, and take heed to these simple tips:

Go overboard with hydration

You may not even feel hot, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need water! During warmer summer days it is easy to get caught up in soaking up the rays, but your body loses water faster than you think. To look and feel your best it is absolutely essential that you stay hydrated –especially when consuming alcohol. Yes, a tasty-fruity drink might just be the perfect companion at the beach. Just make sure to add a few glasses of water in the mix.  Get creative, add some fruit or you can ever try flavored water for variety.

Lather- Up

I am not just talking about sunscreen. With warmer weather on the horizon it is even more important to stick to your skincare regiment. Wake up in the morning, splash your face with water, and get going on the moisturizer! Don’t be afraid to slather it on. More is better when it comes to protecting your skin. Apply SPF before you dress in the AM to be sure you hit every spot. If you are going to the beach, plan to re-apply every 2-3 hours!

Simple is stylish

Put away the curling iron and the barrage of styling products. All you need this summer is the perfect moisturizer, some sun-kissed bronzer, a set of eyelash extensions, and a good lip balm. Before applying any make-up use a facial-sunscreen. Try to wait a bit for it to set, and proceed to makeup application. Don’t forget sunscreen on your lips! Avoid mascara when heading to the beach for waterproof is not fool-proof! For beach-ready hair simply shampoo and condition, add some spritzer or a palm-sized amount of gel, and comb through with your fingers. Use a diffuser to get that all-natural look and you are ready to hit the sand!


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