What to Expect

To begin with, you’ll have a blast planning the new you. We start with a consultation. Your stylist will ask you a few questions to make sure lash extensions are right for you, and then you will design a look that perfectly matches your taste and lifestyle. Also, your look can evolve over time. You may want to go dramatic for a special event and then cozy up with something more natural later. That’s part of the fun.


On the Day of Your Appointment

It’s countdown to gorgeous. Here are some guidelines to get ready for launch:

• No makeup – especially eye makeup!
• If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure you have a safe place to put them.
• You may want to limit your caffeine intake.

During the procedure, you get to relax with your eyes closed. Most clients fall asleep and wake refreshed, with amazing lashes!


After Your Appointment

Eyelash extensions are low-maintenance and easy to care for – that’s why we love them!
We suggest following these simple guidelines for 48 hours after your appointment:

• We know you love them, but keep your hands off! Resist the temptation to touch your eyes and lashes.
• Keep them dry. No swimming, showering, steam rooms or saunas.
• Leave your eyelash curler in your drawer. Better yet, donate it to charity.
• Contact us if you have any irritation or discomfort.